Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ultrasound results!

Well there you have it folks, Brian and I are having a boy! Brian spent about an hour looking at names on the internet tonight! You'll just have to be patient to find out those results.
Brian calls the first picture the "toilet point of view"! Hey, whatever works to show us what we're having, right? It was amazing to see the baby moving around so much. It just makes a little bit more of a reality to see him. The baby even had the hiccups during the ultrasound.

Brian jumps in here:
If you could see the rest of the images you would know that--except for the male-part--the baby already has Ashley's good looks. His first baby pictures. Great beginning to the photo album, aren't they? We're going to bring them out when his girlfriends come over to visit. I, Brian, aka "Daddy," feel the gray hairs coming on already. I did find the first gray a couple months ago--and quickly removed it.
This new reality of fatherhood is stirring up excitement and positive emotions, as well. Thinking about our moments during today's ultrasound, I noticed an undeniable sense of father-son pride. In preparing for the future, I am contemplating the establishment of a college scholarship for my son. I will set aside a thousand dollars in a fund that accrues interest over the years. He may apply for the scholarship if he has been a good boy and if he joins the Ultimate Frisbee team. Serious.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trying to be self-reliant!

I took the truck in for safety and emmisions inspection and FAILED. The mechanic gave me a list of things to fix and then said come back in and he'd give his OK. First on the list were seat belts, mine don't retract (we just tie knots in the belt to make them fit). New seat belts are $100 each, YIKES, so I made a field trip to "Pick A Part" a car junkyard where you go out and pull the parts you need right off the car, much cheaper option. As I walked down a row of cars a man gave me a startled look and said, "Well, I've never seen a woman out here before!" I didn't end up finding seat belts there, but it was definitely an adventure in another world.
I attempted to replace the windshield wiper fluid pump but got in a little too deep over my head (I'll be going to the mechanic for that one). But I was able to replace the cab brake-light and the tail brake-light as well as both seat belts! I'm quite proud of myself!