Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Brian has the ability to find joy in everything. That is one of the qualities I Iove most about him! We took a trip to Seattle and our first night ended sleeping in the yard of a stranger we met at 7eleven. It made the trip memorable!
At Ann's wedding lunch a friend of Brendon's told me what a good guy Brian is, he said he could just feel it. It's true, Brian has this bright light eminating from him and everyone can see and feel it. I'm so glad to be a partaker of it!


Megan Midori said...

Brian is wonderful and I think you both are a great couple! I'm glad you've found each other.

Katy said...

You both have that light--my, what bright children you will have! We are also glad to be partakers.

Jordan said...

Ditto both of the above comments. What a great quality to have, it will take you both far far far! (And hopefully closer to us--even if we are a bit dim!)

Kurt said...

Triple the three above. Glad you two are one!