Monday, September 17, 2007

Photobooth Fun!

Look at all these people we fit in such a small frame! I can't tell who's in the upper lefthand corner, then Jordan, Jennifer, Katy, Me, Ann! Pale and ghost-like! Jacob and Mom made it into the bottom frame

This is my friend Sarah Powley from 8th grade! And below is my good friend Katie Reese from Albuquerque!

Brian and I found an old fashioned photo booth at the K-mart on State street. These type of photobooths are a dying breed, so if you find one definitely do not hesitate to jump in! We took this set of photos while we were dating. We tried to be serious on one of the frames, I didn't do so well, it turned into a triple chin pose!


Jordan said...

Hooray!! I was crushed when that photobooth we found at the secondhand shop on University closed down. Hooray for KMart. I'll definitely have to make a pit stop on our next visit to Utey.

Great vintage shots, Ashley. I couldn't find the triple chin though, you are exaggerating.

Katy said...

How fun! I'll have to check out the KMart down the street here to see if they have one, get one of my girls!

Rebecca said...

You girls are getting old now that you are talking about vintage shots. But the means I am really old! Great photos, Ashley.

Carl & Katrina Berg Family said...

Hi Ashley, It's your cousin Trina Madsen. I happened upon your dad's blog and was so excited to read about your beautiful family. I still have fond memories of family reunions and adventures with my "cool cousin Ashley". :) I'm so happy for you and Brian and your bun in the oven!