Wednesday, April 8, 2009


All this for only $5 !
5lbs of potatoes for 79 cents
mexican squash 3lbs for 99 cents
yogurt 2 for 99 cents
chorizo 99 cents
key lime 4 lbs for 99 cents
oranges 8lbs for 99 cents
now, what to make?


Jordan said...

In the second picture he looks like Grampa K! In the last one he looks just like his MOM!!!

Good boy. Good buy. Good eats!

Kurt Knudsen said...

such a fun mix of ingredients. And Eli looks excited to eat whatever you fix.

Rebecca said...

So happy to see new Eli pictures! Oh how I miss those kinds of prices. I think I will go bake a potato.

Ann said...

Lucky you! I miss Eli, want to come over?

Jessica Womble said...

Wow! What impressive finds. I can believe that you took the pictures of snow today. We have tons of snow here too! When is it really going to be Spring in Utah?