Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our annual photo booth family portrait!


Ann said...

I love it! Can we see the previous years too?

Jordan said...

What a great tradition!

Jessica said...


ZLB said...

you guys are so great!

Kurt Knudsen said...

love the first one of Eli! So full of life.

Rebecca said...

Eli is one lucky kid! So cute!

Jessica Womble said...

I love the picture where you are both kissing him on the cheeks. It's as if he's saying, " No more! It tickles!" You all look so happy.

Kemp Kuties said...

Could that be more fun?!

Treen Berg said...

Hi Ashley :)

I'm luving these photos! So much fun! And congrats on your latest show...I'm putting it on my calendar...:)

My mom told me a while ago that you might move back east, but from your latest posts it looks like you might still be here.

My artist friends and I in Heber Valley are looking for a printmaker. I'm not even sure if it's worth your time (Eli is worth moons more than prints!), but if you're interested, there are a couple of us that are really interested and a whole art association to draw clients from as well.

If its too much for you right now, do you have any contacts in Provo or Salt Lake that you would recommend?

luvs to all of you,
trina (your cuz)

The Baker's Goods said...


So good to hear from you. I am pretty busy, but give me some of the details of your need for a printmaker. I was looking at your profile and noticed you majored in landscape architecture. My brother Ben wants to do the same and I think he's getting ready to apply to grad school. Maybe I should have him talk to you.
:) ashley

Treen Berg said...

Hi Ashley :)

Ben wants to be an LA? How fun. Definitely have him call me, or better yet, you should all come up for dinner some time soon. I met Carl in the LA program at UNLV. They don't have a grad program, but Utah State does and Carl said it shouldn't be that hard to get in. He will need to do an extra year since he doesn't have a LA Bachelor, but that's not a big deal.

If I had my choice I'd go to Moscow Idaho, where they have the LA program in with the art program. Our LA director from UNLV is now the dean of Art and Architecture there. He is fabulous. I went on study abroad in Italy with the idaho program. I loved my teachers. Coming from an art background I'd recommend him to an art focused LA program. Utah State is more Engineering based as well as factory style (Carl went there before transfering to UNLV, and could tell him more about that, though he says the grad program is totally different). I know I could give a strong recommendation to Idaho if he liked it prof and I still email once a month or so. I'll have to look around at other programs nearby.

As for gf and I need prints of paintings. Alison was doing them on a sort of linen or something, but I'm up to hear suggestions. Right now I need 3 for sure, my friend sells on etsy and I don't know how many she needs.

My paintings are oil and she does oil and watercolor. The one I currently need printed is 16x20, which is my most common size of canvas used.

Let me know if that answers your questions...really I just want it nicer than what I could do at kinkos :) Archival quality if possible.

Email me if you like, or look more closer at my paintings in my archive at

trina :)

kel said...

hi Ashley - found you through Zina. great portrait of your handsome family. and i'm excited to see you'll be in the 35 artists under 35 show! (i moved to Reno a few months too soon.)