Friday, January 29, 2010

Look how pale we are! We must be sisters! There are two characteristics which Ann posses that when combined make a mighty woman! She is strong willed and she is in tune with the Spirit. With this combination Ann is the one you want around, she won't mislead you! It is because of these two characteristics that she was able to get something done and figure out what was wrong with Mary Deane. It is because of these characteristics that she has been an amazing mother to the sweet spirit that was sent her and Brendon! Heavenly Father knew she was that right mother for MD! I admire you much, Happy Birthday! Love, Ashley


Kurt Knudsen said...

That IS the perfect combination in Ann

Rebecca said...

Yes, I agree! Happy day, Ann!

Ann said...

Wow, Ashley that is such a nice compliment--thank you! I love you too!