Monday, May 21, 2007

Capitol Reef

Brian was out of school for a couple of weeks so we took advantage of the free time and headed south. Before we actually entered the park we pulled off and found a side canyon to hike up. Since it was unmarked we felt inclined to give the place a name, Conglomerate Canyon! We found eye-catching rocks with every step. We scrambled our way up the canyon until the sun started to set. By the time we got back down we weren't quite sure where our car was, but all those carrots we eat, paid off and we found it. We drove off to find the camp-ground in the park, but ended up going back to Conglomerate Canyon because the campground was full. The next morning we nourished ourselves with pigs-in-a-blanket! Hebrew National hotdogs wrapped in Pilsbury poppin' fresh dough. I think Brian had about 4 that morning, YUM!


Katy said...

Pigs in a blanket on a camp out are like a filet mignon at 5 star restaurant, I think. Wonderful adventurists, you two are. Perhaps you should consider topography?

Jordan said...

Yes, a perfect breakfast for red rock roughing it. Yummo. Looks like time-off well spent!

Jessica said...

Red rock in the spring, what bliss! What happened to banana oatmeal for a hearty camping breakfast? You two look great.