Saturday, March 8, 2008

Brian the Birthday Boy!


             He's the best looking guy I know!

          He's not afraid to be a goof and have a good time!

      He's the perfect permanent hiking partner!

          He's willing to eat anything! Even wilted lettuce and moldy bread!

             He's the light of my life! Happy Birthday Brian!


Ann said...

Happy birthday Brian!!! You are a fantastic person! Love you!

Jordan said...

Big Birthday wishes to Ashley's favorite Boy!!

Rebecca said...

Yeah for Brian's life!

Carol said...

Ashley, I found you!!! My mom gave me Jordan's blog address and I was able to link to you off of hers. You look amazing and I am so excited for you and Brian. It sounds like the baby will be here any day and I am so happy for you! Send me a message if you get a chance...I just started my blog last week, but I would love it if you visited.