Saturday, November 15, 2008

Antelope Island

Brian, Ann, Brendon, Mary Deane, Eli and I made a drive through Syracuse onto Antelope Island a week ago. We spent too much time eating lunch at Caputo's Deli and didn't have much daylight on the island, but this is what we saw:

Majestic Bison. We saw several groups of them along the East side of the island. They do a big round up to the South end of the island in October to count them. Wished we could have seen that!
This is the causeway as seen from the visitor center. They center was run by some great old people that treated us like we were just as old, annunciating the common giant spiders there very slowly for us to understand, "o r r r b b   w e e e b b b   w e e a v e r s". Ann and I laughed about it days later.

This is the Island seen from the 7 mile causeway to the island. On the way there we saw what Brian called a "swamp boat". It had a fan with a 6' diameter attached to it, we couldn't figure out what they were doing?!


Ann said...

We had a blast! Thanks Bakers for letting the Joneses come along!

Kurt Knudsen said...

Antelope Island, where the bison play?

Rebecca said...

That is beautiful. I had always wanted to go there. Glad you went.

Jordan said...

Beautiful. We would see those "swamp boats" in the bayous down in Louisiana. I'm glad your doing all these things before you move out here (;

I think "gooooood girl" might be a spam message, best delete.

Jessica Womble said...

Beautiful. I have never been to that island before. It looks like it was lots of fun.