Friday, November 7, 2008

Big Springs Canyon, Pleasant Grove

We're enjoying what is near! Our latest excursion was up the beautiful canyon Big Springs, only a 20 minute drive from our home. The hike was a total of 3 hours (Brian was a trooper  and carried Eli the entire time!) and as you can see from the pics included  a wide range of terrain. I've decided to take advantage of what is near instead of longing for what is out of reach. While I'm here in the great state of Utah I might as well enjoy every bit of it, even my own backyard! Next stop : Antelope Island, SLC!


Kurt Knudsen said...

looks beautiful as do the three of you.
I've always wanted to go to Antelope Island. Show us when you go.

Kemp Kuties said...

Wow Ashley - I haven't been to Big Springs since the 5th grade. And I've never been to Antelope Island. Isn't there a bird sanctuary there? Post lots of pics for us to enjoy!

Jordan said...

Love the new banana yellow look (matches your frisbee tees).

Fun!! Then, when you get here we'll do all the fun stuff in NC! Canoeing! Camping! Hiking! Biking!

Rebecca said...

Yeah for Utah! It really is beautiful! And you three look great.

Katy said...

You guys are the best! Eli looks like he loves it already.

diedre said...

hi ashley:

i wrote your dad a while ago looking for a source for the silver cording he sent along with some stars i purchased. could you tell me the name and info. on the spool so i can try to find some here? thanks! oh, happy birthay! mine is coming up soon, too!


The Baker's Goods said...

Diedre-the only info on the spool is:
Item #05-40
made in china
I believe he bought it at a floral supply store that only florists have access to, hopefully this info was helpful.

ZLB said...

Ashley!!! you guys look great and eli is SOOOOOO adorable. let me know when you go to antelope island! I have always wanted to go and never have! and please come down for a nature extravaganza at the ranch!