Sunday, July 26, 2009


Most women get a little chubby after giving birth a few times, not my sis! She was cute and chubby as a little girl, but as a mother of five she's trim and slim! I'll always remember the semester Katy and I took English together. We would take turns going to class and would fill each other in on what the other missed so we both didn't have to go! We made a good team. But the fact is Katy makes a good team with anyone she's paired with! Katy is easy to get along with and fun to be with. In that English class we did a report on alternative birthing practices and it's been fascinating to watch her put to use those things into practice that we researched! I LOVE YOU KATY!


Jessica said...

What an adorable photo! You are both remarkable sisters. I didn't know you took an English class together--you Knudsens are so clever.

k a t y said...

I LOVE that photo of us! We've had good times, haven't we? Thank you for your kind words. I'd like to observe your mothering at a closer distance. Love you!

Rebecca said...

That picture is SO cute. Happy birthday, KATY!